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Diagon is a Hungarian diagnostic manufacturing company established in 1989. Diagon developed and adopted state-of-the art process technology and strict quality control protocols fully compliant with ISO 9001 and 13485 norma and all products are CE marked. Diagon’s main focus is hematology, coagulation and molecular biology. We manufacture a wide range of hematology reagents and coagulation reagents adaptable for most analyzers on the market. In the field of molecular diagnostics Diagon manufactures Real-Time PCR kits for human clinical and industrial applications. In 2010 Diagon launched its 4-channel semi automated coagulometer Coag4D. Together with Diagon dedicated coagulation reagents it is a highly user friendly system for small and medium laboratories. In 2011 by the launch of CoagS INR POC system Diagon entered the POC market as well. CoagXL a fully automated high throughput coagulometer is to be launched in 2013. By entering new areas of laboratory diagnostics Diagon evolved from being merely a reagent supplier to a system provider.
Diagon customer service department is dedicated in providing a full range of services including technical, application and after sales support and trainings. Diagon brings together everything needed to transform a commercial relationship into a true partnership.

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